Monday, September 5, 2011

CopCal 'How To' Guide

There seems to be some people experiencing difficulty adding their shift to the work schedule. The main issue is that users are using the end date/time of their daily shift rather than the end date of the work schedule rotation (see “A” below). The end date of the schedule rotation needs to be indicated in this field. An end date is required or else the work schedule would continue forever and couldn’t be changeable when your work schedule is modified.

The next step is to indicate your shift rotation. If you work 4-on/4-off, simply place 4 in the Days on field and 4 in the Days off field.

If you work a 4-on/2-off, 4-on/3-off, 4-on/2-off, 4-on/2-off schedule, the input would appear as it does below...

Once complete, you will receive a confirmation screen to add the work-schedule event to each of the working day (below). Make sure the schedule is correct because if it’s not, you will have to be manually delete each day separately.


  1. I would love to see the schedule in a list view. Easier to scroll through.

  2. Can the calendar be synced to gmail calendar on the iPhone 4S?

    Also how do you enter a schedule of 4 off/ 3 on than the following week 3 off/ 4 on? Wednesday would be the start of the week working 4 on and Thursday would be for the 3 on. Thanks

    1. Start date: 11/28/12 (wednesday)
      End date: Whenever the rotation ends.

      Days on 1: 4
      Days off 1: 3

      Days on 2: 3
      Days off 2: 4

  3. Thanks for putting this app together. Love it!


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