Thursday, September 13, 2012

Introducing AllLaw™


Want an app for your state laws? Until today, users were required to download an app for each state. Worse yet, need the Code of Federal Regulations? Until today, users had to download a separate app for each and every title. Not any longer. AllLaw™ is a legal buffet allowing users the ability to cherry pick the titles and chapters they use while maintaining all laws in a single location.

AllLaw™ Includes:
~ United States Code
~ Code of Federal Regulations*
~ Laws from all 50 states*
~ U.S. Supreme Court opinions*
~ Legal Dictionary
~ Federal Rules of Civil procedure
~ Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure
~ Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure
~ Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure
~ Federal Rules of Evidence
~ Manual of patent Examining Procedure*
*In-App Purchase Required. Alaska, D.C., Hawaii, and West Virginia are in progress.


Print, Email and Bookmark
Need to print, email, or bookmark a statute for future reference? You can do it all from within AllLaw™.

Cloud Storage - Native Speed
With the vast amount of contact AllLaw™ provides, storage in the Cloud is necessary to prevent your device's storage from being consumed. However, bookmarked pages are automatically downloaded natively on the device for quick offline access.

Search Feature
Can't find the statute using a specific term? You can with AllLaw™. Whether you're trying to find a codified statute by searching a specific term, or searching for specific language on a lengthy page, our search engines can help you find what you're looking for…fast.

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