Sunday, November 13, 2011

Charging Bath Salts in Ohio

I frequently receive requests to add the charge for Bath Salts in Ohio. Answer: It's already in the app. Bath salts is banned as a Schedule I drug under R.C. section 3719.41(C)(41) and (C)(42), MDPV and Mephedrone, respectively. [law effective 10-17-2011]

Possession: charge Aggravated Possession of Drugs, R.C. section 2925.11(A) per sub-section (C)(1)(a) (schedule I less than bulk amount) - F5.

Trafficking: charge Aggravated Trafficking in Drugs, R.C. section 2925.03(A)(1) per sub-section (C)(1)(a) (schedule I less than bulk amount) - F4.

Bulk Amount: Since MDPV and Mephedrone is scheduled as a hallucinogen under R.C. section 3719.41(C) and not a depressant (D) or stimulant (E), the bulk amount of 2925.01(D)(1)(c) applies: "equal to or exceeding thirty grams or ten unit doses."


  1. Additionally, K2 or "spice" is a controlled substance. Mark is that just under the simple drug abuse MM section? Haven't been able to find it

  2. The K2/Spice synthetic marijuana is in the app under drug possession and trafficking. Possession is a MM and trafficking is a F5. They're listed under subsection (C)(8) for both sections of 2925.11 and 2925.03.


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