Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Amazon, Kindle, and Blackberry Update

Amazon has approved almost all of my apps for their App Store but all apps go through a separate review process for Kindle. Amazon has declined to add almost every app to the Kindle store citing “app will not install”. Because of this extremely detailed explanation, I will not be adding my apps to Kindle until they can communicate a little better to specifically state what the issue is.

As for Blackberry, they have indicated only 4 issues (very detailed and specific) with the apps, which I am hoping can be addressed in the very near future. This is, however, entirely up to my hosting service to determine if they’ll incorporate the changes Blackberry requested they make.


  1. Have you tried side loading the app onto a Kindle Fire?

  2. I just tried it, all the Kindle Fire says is "Application not installed" there is no error code or other explanation.

  3. I would have to try it because both the Amazon and Android apps are encrypted to privet copying between devices.


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